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Facebook Marketing

You can learn Facebook Marketing in amazingly simple steps explained in these learning materials.

Here, we will cover:

1. Facebook Ads Basics

2. Designing Ads for Facebook

3. Facebook Metrics

4. How to write compelling Headings that convert!

5. Everything about Campaign, Ad Set and Ads

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facebook marketing ads set

How to do Market Research for your product?

Doing Market Research is essential! Especially if you're setting up an E-commerce store. See, how it's done!

Here, we will cover:

1. How to generate an idea for your business?

2. How to do market research for your business?

3. How to validate Your Idea before the launch?

how to start business

Business Canvas – How Great Brands Design Their Business Model?

Business Canvas is the FIRST and an essential tool to build the future! If you're planning for some Startup in the near future, this topic is a must know-how!

Here, we will cover:

1. What is the Business Model?

2. Nine basic parts of the Business Canvas

3. Interlinking the elements of Business Model

4. How to beat the competition – The Blue Ocean Strategy!

business model

How to develop the RIGHT Sales Strategy for your business?

In every business, it's important to build a perfect sales funnel to fetch your customers right into it. It helps to avoid the chain break!

Here, we will cover:

1. How to design your sales funnel?

2. What is CRM? How is it important for the sales funnel?

3. How to convert your prospects into customers?

4. How to wow your customers in the post sales?

how to make money online

eCommerce S.E.O. – Learn to Rank Your Products (Basics)

S.E.O. is changing each day! If you're selling products online, this video course may be of huge importance to you! Check out now!

Here, we will cover:

1. What is S.E.O.? Why is it important?

2. How to do the right Keyword Research for your product?

3. How to write an amazing description of your product?

4. How to add perfect images to your product?

seo tutorial basics
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