About Me


Welcome! I’m Dr. Navneet Goyal.

I’m an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Entrepreneur, Blogger, You Tuber, Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker and unshakable Optimist!

My goal is to add more value to your business world! I’m here to make you more business productive and creative in your business goals.

Being productive and creative at business means, to stop all nonsense in the office and learn to make things more viable! How?

You can see, not all small businesses thrive well in today’s competition! What’s even worse is, there are lots of vultures aiming to grab your hard-earned money in the name of marketing and branding your business!

I help small businesses to grow and run smoothly through simple marketing ideas and methods! Yups! That’s what I do!


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I am professionally qualified Anesthesiologist, and I love playing and watching soccer!


Passed my 10+2 from the prestigious, The Scindia School in 2000, and somehow qualified in the Medical College through All India Pre-Medical Test in 2002! (Thus, screwed my life!)

I have an artistic hand, probably I’m Right-Sided Dominant! Perhaps, this is the foundation of my interest in Web Designing and Marketing!


In 2010, I missed my Post-Graduation Entrance at AIIMS by mere 4 marks! Out of frustration, I threw away my books and bought Outlook magazine, just to keep myself busy!

Accidentally, I had bought Outlook Money Magazine, instead of the regular politics one!!

That was the mark of the beginning of my Entrepreneurial thinking!

Though I got into my Post-Graduation and read Anesthesiology, my heart always belonged to the business world!

After my Post-Graduation degree in Anesthesiology, I started many small businesses. Some of them failed miserably, and a few of them survived with a great profit percentage!


Lets Learn the best from the Industry 1

Since then, I have been reading, learning and experimenting with many business ideas!

I am sharing the best of marketing and methods to thrive business in the competitive market through two approaches!

Data-driven strategies and,

Gut-driven strategies!

You choose, which one suites you the most!!

We’ve got a lot of things in store for all of you. New eCourses, Learning material, One-on-one Consulting, and much much more!

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